This is a collaboration between me (on vocals) and two guitarists who i know through youtube. The title has nothing to do with the song, although in retrospect i probably should have written the lyrics to be about poop It sounds a bit Nevermore-ish, with little elements of melo-death and symphonic metal stuff thrown in for good measure.


Here's the original instrumental version of the video, so you can see the guitar parts!


Let me know what you think!
this song is sick, that's all I can really say. Heavy as ****!

Just because you're breathing doesn't mean you're alive. Just because you're human doesn't mean you have to die.

the gear:
gibson sg
marshall mg100fx head/4x12 slant cab
im a minimalist.
that was pretty awesome! talk about enthusiasm! great vocals on top of an awesome song in general. keep it up!
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