What would it do? Would it rub off or if you left it long enough could it stay on and actually make a design on your guitar?
You jizzed on your guitar?
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You jizzed on your guitar?

That was my first thought
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What is white out?

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Well, is there a way to make it stay? So it'd be like an easy alternative to paint?
Don't. It'll look tacky and from my experience tippex/white out will smudge up after a week if it doesn't peel off (if you touch it a lot, like I imagine you would to a guitar).
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Well, you could buy some varnish and put it on the tippex, but that's quite an expense, and you should go for regular colour (make sure it's glossy, not matte) if you're willing to spend that much.
this is why you should always proof read before writing something on your guitar
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i had white out on my guitar for a while. and it stayed. it was actually harder than i thought to take off, but it didn't really do anything to the finish. you'd never know it was there after you take it off.
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No offence, but I wouldn't. Unless you're a ridiculous artist, this is just a by-product of the stupid sticker-happy syndrome that a lot of little kids have. :/
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It's black so a sharpie won't work. Honestly I just wanted to put one cross near the bridge but if it's expensive and all then I won't bother.
I know someone who had L.A.M.F. written o his guitar in tippex. One day he hit the body for sustain and it all fell off.
It's an old bass. I don't use it anymore, really. It's not even name brand. I want to make it custom somehow. That's why I would do it.
Oh, if it's old bass then go for it. Submerge it in a bathtub full of White-Out if you wanna make it sound as cool as it looks.