So, I decided to start recodring a very old song that I wrote like years ago. It's like the third time that I start to record it, my former band split up before we finished anything, so yeah.

I start from the scratch here, and even though I'm just at the verse now I'd like your input and thoughts. I haven't mixed anything yet, and I'm mainly looking at input on the guitars and the drums. Do they sound okay? Tell me guys

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Also, for those who want to know what the song sounds like tabbed, this is the old thread about: Emily - Tabbed - UGthread

And of course, the song: Soundcloud - Emily
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I like it a lot. It's this calm, mellow stuff I need from time to time. I especially dig those feedback effects towards the end, which add to the fragile note. After the song ends, I have a pretty strong ide how it might go on (overdriven guitars, choir-like vocals etc.). I'd love to hear the finished product, would you tell me when it's done?
I liked the simplicity and that you are allowing the guitar to take a big part in the mix when it can carry it. It's mellow sounding and great for building a song before its first climax. I would've wanted the bass a little higher in the mix and the piano can be a little lower. I can also imagine the following part as the previous poster said. I think the writing in this part is done, it's just for you to record the rest of the song and mix it well!
So finish it up, I want to hear it!
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