Well, if any of you go through the acoustic/classical guitar section, you may remember my "How do you remove the smell of corpse from a banjo?" thread. Once again, I got more of my dead uncle's stuff due to him being a musician.

What I got:
Univox 66G 50-Watt amp
Classic Dunlop Crybaby Wah
Digitech PDS 1700
Digitech PDS 1550
Some gigbags
Vox V847 Wah

Now, why don't I post reviews, pictures, or videos? Most of them are slightly messed up.

The amp- buzzes when knobs are tweaked, other than that, it sounds decent.
Crybaby- buzzes loudly when pedal is adjusted while it's on, but other than that it's working.
PDS 1700- more buzzing!
PDS 1550- this one actually works, and decent sounds can be got out of it. I just don't use it.
Gigbags-no opportunity to try them yet. A bass one, a Martin one, and a Gator one.
Vox Wah- OH MY GOD SHUT IT UP! When turned on it just makes an annoying squeal, that's it. Nothing else.

If anyone knows how to fix any of these, I'd be eternally grateful, make a new gear day thread, and anything else you ask within reason.

Thank you GG&A. No tl;dr because this isn't that long.

I'd be externally grateful

What we talkin about here?

On topic, HNSD, wish i could help more, I suppose check the wiring and make sure everything has a solid connection.
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What we talkin about here?

My guess is "extremely grateful for all eternity".
That or he is planning to outsource his gratefulness.
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No tl;dr because this isn't that long.

maybe test a voice gate

also: what does tl;dr mean?
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Sounds like the pots are just dirty on the ones that make noise when you adjust them, just get some contact cleaner and spray it on them
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Have a look inside the Vox and see if there's anything come loose inside it.
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Much sure the vox wah isn't plugged in backwards.
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