I record with a Pod X3 Live and all I have are skullcandy headphones to listen to the audio coming out of my Pod X3 Live. My recordings only seem to sound good on the skullcandy headphones so I want to buy some studio monitor speakers. However, I'm still confused as to what qualities to look for in this type of equipment. I found these:


but I can't really judge as to how efficiently they would get the job done. Do you recommend I buy these? All I have to spend at this very moment is $55, but if it's necessary, I'll save up for something much better.
Honestly your budget is more along the lines of computer speakers as opposed to quality studio monitors.

What's your location? I would recommend going to the local guitar center and visiting the pro audio section to get a feel for what you are dealing with when shopping for studio monitors. They will probably have something at a cost point you will be able to live with.

I would be leary buying that set you looked at unheard, and i did a small amount of google searching on the set and couldn't find any reviews.
The set of monitors that you found,
Well I guarantee you they are pieces of shit. They look more like car speakers than monitors.

The Behringer Truth series are good monitors.
..I was watching my death.
Okay thanks a lot guys. I appreciate the feedback. Looks like I gotta keep saving up
I have an old 100 watt pioneer home stereo reciever that i have hooked to my pc with 2 home stereo speakers 15" 6" 3" along with a yamaha sub. sounds awsome.