Song Title: Quietus
Artist: Epica
URL: http://skudmunky.com/quietus_mix1.mp3
Genre: Symphonic Metal
File Size: 6.4 MB

So my buddy skudmunky and I were bored as hell the past few days and after talks of covering this song for a few months we finally decided to lay out the tracks. Violins and Bass guitar were recorded by skudmunky, and the guitars and mixing was done by me. I consider myself a bass player first and a guitar player second so don't be too harsh on my shitastic guitar playing ability.

Nerd Speak:

The drums, piano and backing track were taken from a Guitar Pro file and ran through Reason 5. All the mixing was done through Reaper, guitars were recorded clean and then I used Amplitube Metal. I had a lot of trouble EQing the violin so that was done last by skudmunky.
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I will start..

Overall it sounds good. But the drums and piano sounds too midi, thats my only complaint, but the funny thing is, although i,m a guitarplayer, i enjoyed the flutes and violins more then the guitar parts (mabye cuz the flute and violin suits the song better then electric guitar?)

But i enjoyed listening to it !!!

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