so lately i saw the beautiful Bogner alchemist and i fell in love with it. BUT then i started hearing the sound is really compressed and unorganic and that's kidna true unfortunately. it's quite linear.

now the thing is i like tones full of djent and low end. but i allso like (and that's what i'm kinda looking for now) the medium gainy amps like for example the badcat and the bogner alchemist. but i'd like one a bit more organic that the alchemist one that has nice screaming tones for lead and roaring low end . a b it like the sound in this vid for example.


ofcourse crystal clean sound is allso important.

and i'd like to stay around the prices of 400-700

thanks in advance

Budget: 800 euros
genres: prog, djent, jazz, blues, shred, rock, etc... etc... (see link for tone)
new or used doesn't matter
for home AND gigs sometimes with PA
currently playing on a peavey valveking i will soon put 2 celestion V30's in and will do the mesa mod. i have a ibanez s540fm, and a ibanes SAS32EX
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i adapted the original post.

i'm sorry my gear was in my signature just about an hour ago forgot i deleted it, the city is under my nickname and when new or used isn't listed it means it doesn't mattter at all.
Do you have a cab?

If so,

2nd hand ENGL Powerball 100.

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well i have the valveking 212 combo so i can use the valvekling as cab if i am not wrong.
and yes that was what i was looking for but people arond here sell their second hand powerballs for about 1200

oh well i found one that asks people to bid.around what price do most second hand powerball amps go for?
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no you need a cab. the stock 212 VK speakers wont do any amp justice.

1977 Burny FLG70
2004 EBMM JP6
2016 SE Holcolmb
no but i said that in my original post i'm putting celestion vintage 30's in it soon and doing the mesa mod probably if teh sound is still not what i want. however if i'm able to buy a engl by that time i won't do the mod but will still be placing the vintage 30's
I wouldnt waste the money modding an amp if you think you probably still wont like the results :s:

I would sell your VK, save up some more, get a 2nd hand cab, framus are good, with V30s already in it.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you could look for a Framus Cobra? they go for very reasonable prices here in Europe.

1977 Burny FLG70
2004 EBMM JP6
2016 SE Holcolmb
i will look it up problem is i need my VK i have to gig with it. so i cant be any moment without amp you see.

only problem is that i don't buy internationally so i'm not going to buy from other countries really. and finding a used framus cobra seems a porblem here in belgium.

allso i was wondering if th eframus cobra can allso handle less gainy tones cause all i see are metal demos
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Shipping within Europe is fairly reasonable, I wouldn't think it would be hard to source one from continental Europe

I buy and ell and ship stuff internationally all the time, I just posted my ENGL to Russia and my Ibanez in on the way to Germany. but if you aren't comfortable that is completely understandable.

If you need the VK, keep it stock and dont put any more money into it, the VK is an ok amp, but when you go into things lijke ENGL, Framus etc etc you enter a whole new ball park for quality and tone IMHO.

Then when you have like maybe 1000/1200 euros, strat looking again for the amps you really want and maybe not one that you have to make do?

1977 Burny FLG70
2004 EBMM JP6
2016 SE Holcolmb
yes i know but problem is that i play kind of many gigs right now and i need th eamp for my end project at school too. and it's not that i don't like the sound of the valveking but the speakers make everything sound grainy and muddy and fuzzy. so i wanted to replace the speakeres which will cost me around 200 euros and the mesa mod is done for free by one of my friends.

that way i would have a good amp for now for this period of time and then during the holidays do a small job to buy a engl or other amp i'd like . and that way i wouldn't have to buy another cab for a while since i'd just use my valveking as cab.

maybe it sounds bizar or stupid what i say now but the problem is just that i really need it for gigs and currently the sound is quite crap because of the speakers
Yeah, but 200 euros.....

I would just make do for now or alternatively, buy a good cab and plug your VK into that.

1977 Burny FLG70
2004 EBMM JP6
2016 SE Holcolmb
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I've seen Framus Dragon and Cobra heads posted as a "buy-it-now" offer on German ebay for as low as 800€. I'm just saying.

The problem with Belgium is that it's small, so the used-market is limited. The UK, France and Germany are within reasonable distance when it comes to buying amps and these countries are full of many nice toys.

Maybe do the following: Get a good cab first. The cheapest option I'd advise you to look into are Framus 2x12"s. Engl and Orange are also options (and they sound fuller and less biting than the Framus), but they're dearer. A used Framus 2x12" can be found for 200€. A new one is 300€.
Use the new cab with your VK. You'll have a better tone than through swapping the VK's speakers, because a closed-back cabinet sounds different than an open-backed combo. A closed-back cab is one of the building blocks of a proper metal-tone.
Once you have more cash, you can then buy a good amp-head and ditch the VK, since you'll already have a cab.
right i was just thinking about that! just when i started reading your post haha thanks
allso if any of you knows some really unique sounding amps that would be entertaining : p
Quote by Tom 1.0
Do you have a cab?

If so,

2nd hand ENGL Powerball 100.

Powerball for 800€? :O would like to see that...
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you just cant use a head at home -> way to loud
i'd say save your money and get a decent amp
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Well actually i found a powerball at 850
And i allso gig and the head would primarly be for gigs

And i can use a head at home so your comment was quite useless