Well, I hit a major writer's block as of late, and I can't really write ANYTHING at ALL. I don't know what's going on... lol. But anyway, I've been trailing through a whole lot of unreleased material that I have (and believe me there's plenty of it) and I decided to compile it into an "album" and release it for you guys to look at. I'm not really looking for critiques on it, I'm just doing this for my "fans" I guess. Because after I released my latest Left Untold album, it was the first time I got the response of "You've got a fan in me." and it wasn't just from one person, but from like 10... O.o The tracks 1, 2, 7, 8, 10, 12, and 16 are tracks I've never released on the forum, and the rest of the tracks are just tracks that I never released in album format. I thought it'd be pretty cool to compile a lot of my unreleased/unorganized songs into little albums and release them, like I said, for the fans. These songs aren't just Left Untold. They are from all the projects I've had around this town. The Scene of 1983, Left Untold, To Ever Grace You, Said The Lord, What Happened That Night, Electronica, etc. Although most of these songs are a lot less creative than my latest release they are still material that I've written so they have my touch to them, if you like a lot of my other stuff you'll probably like these in some fashion. And if I were famous, I'd release an album of compiled material like this either free or dirt cheap... Like $2.99 for the album or something... Mainly because they lack a tied concept or even idea when you put them together as a whole. Tracks 2 and 16 are the only incomplete tracks. Also! If you guys would like for me to... I could compile up a bunch of "scrapped" ideas for all of my Left Untold albums... :S Idk.

Not expected CRITS, just feedback on if you like hearing my unreleased stuff. lol... Because I have 1,500 files on my computer. And I've only uploaded about 50 to this forum in my entire lifetime. lol.


  • 5:00am (2:38)
  • Fell in Love (At a Party) (1:53)
  • Main Streams and Generic Rivers (2:54)
  • Explore, Explore (3:08)
  • I Didn't Really Name This Song (2:37)
  • Just Rips the Flesh (3:45)
  • I Was There (Not a Thing) (4:24)
  • Expendables (2:26)
  • No, That Ain't No Double Negative (4:51)
  • Snow Falls From The Sky (2:54)
  • Silly, kerligirl13! Emos Are For Older People! (1:06)
  • Take Me Away (2:55)
  • The Kitty's Got Klaws!! (3:29)
  • Reach Out and Touch Me (1:38)
  • Slow Motion Suicide (3:22)
  • You Don't Know Me Like That (1:02)
[GP4][2022] Dustin Daigle's Unreleased Mix, Vol. 1.zip
[GP5][2022] Dustin Daigle's Unreleased Mix, Vol. 1.zip
[MID][2022] Dustin Daigle's Unreleased Mix, Vol. 1.zip
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I took a brief gander, and there was some really cool stuff. Not in my specific spectrum, but very listenable stuff. Also, Im very impressed at how much material you have in general.

I only have 35 GP files that are original material on my flashdrive, and only around 9 of them have possibilities of being completed. And Ive also only completed 2 full songs.

But yeah, great stuff. Its awesome to me when I see artists in this forum actually completing albums.