ive just started up my first band, and were all really inexperienced when it comes to mics. What do we plug the mic into in jamming sessions? (i know its some kind of amp obviously, but what kind of amp?) and roughly how much would it cost?

You mean a PA system?
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you're thinking of a PA.

do a search for PA packages. it's a great place to get started on a budget.
Yeah you need a PA to amplify vocals. There are a lot of starter packs. Look into Carvin. They make great stuff, and it won't break the bank. I use a Carvin PA, and it's fantastic.

Just be aware that there are two different types of PA system....

1) Powered mixer and unpowered speakers. The PA mixer will have an amp built in that drives the speakers.

2) UN powered mixer with powered speakers. The amp is in the speakers in a system like this.

Then there are hybrid systems like mine, that have a powered mixer with extra unpowered outputs for extension amps or speakers so you can add on to the system if you need more juice.
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