Quick question. In a song that i wrote, i had a A- high A octave jump written in the vocal part, with the lyrics "stand proud". Im having a pretty hard time getting the jump. I can sing the high A fine if i'm already chillin around a G, but every time i try to do the jump my voice cracks and i either go too low or pop into falsetto and go a fourth too high.

Any suggestions? I'd like to try to keep this in the song.
Not that it's good technique to slide into the note, but doing so may be better than taking a stab in the dark.

Maybe you need to try singing lighter and sort of "float" into it, rather than stab at it.
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Hmm... Ill have to see about that, this "stand proud" phrase is the accent of the section and the lyrics. All other instruments are silent while i scream it.
Try aiming the low A somewhere around that ridge where your teeth end and your palate begins, and about as wide as a quarter. Try aiming the high A very wide across your cheekbones, but still forward across the hard palate. Think of a searchlight.

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