So basically I've been trying to learn some chords for playing blues. I am definitely a beginner and I noticed when I'm playing things like C7 and G7 that my index and middle finger are kinda slanting away from me. I did some youtube searching just to watch other peoples fingers to see if that was alright, but couldn't really tell.

I know my hands will build strength as I practice more, so maybe this could just be a weak fretting hand getting used to things, but mostly I was just wondering if this will become an issue later. When I play the chords they sound fine, no buzzing or muted strings. I just don't want to practice doing something the wrong way only to have to pay for it down the road.
no man thats perfectly fine; in fact, thats the natural way, the way it should be... the only occasion where the fingers would be parallel to the fretboard would be during some lead sections...