So I bought a graph-tech nut and put it on my Dillion Les Paul. I shaped it but didn't cut the pre-cut slots down at all. I put the nut on and realized that I was delusional to think that the intonation at the early frets would be close enough without further slotting. I am ordering a set of files from stew-mac. Now for my questions. If I use gauge ten strings should I use nut files gauged the same as my strings and rotate the file side to side to make it slightly wider if necessary? Should I use one slightly bigger? How do I determine how deep to make the slots based on the radius of my fretboard? Is the radius more of a guide and less of a rule? I have read through the section of Dan Erelwine's book on how to create a nut but I was still left with these questions. Thank you for any help you can offer. Please speak from experience!
If you want to do it easily, without buying some nut files, you can just file down the bottom of the nut until the heights are good. That is just a quick and easy fix though.
If you want to get nut files, get them the gauge you want to use. You can rock the files to widen the slots if you need, but its easier to have them the right size in the first place.

To check the heights, hold down the strings at the 4th fret, and then look at the gap between the crown of the 1st fret and the bottom of each string. There should just be a gap there at the high E, and it should get progressively higher up to the low E, which should have about 1mm gap.
I could get a few pics of where I have one of my guitars set if that would help.
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