Haha I wasn't sure where this should go but this seems pretty ideal.

I haven't had the chance to perform yet but I usually play metal with a lot of stuff up the neck as well. Usually when I'm jamming with friends or practicing by myself I'm sitting down.

Recently I was playing with some friends while standing and I realized after a couple of songs I was getting massive wrist cramps in my fretting hand. My guitar was centered around my belt, and only when shortened the strap and brought it up to like, my stomach area, was it at all comfortable to play (and notably easier).

Needless to say I feel pretty dumb with my guitar halfway up my chest, is there a way to hold the neck or something so that you have maximum flexibility and comfort without having your guitar up to your face??
That's how Tom Morello plays. The way I look at is if you are slinging your guitar low just to look cool, then you just might be a d-bag.
Comfort is number one. If you look like you are having fun no ones gonna care where your guitar is. Saw a kid at a show a few days back with his guitar at his nipples. I chuckled till I saw him play. Then I was like 0_0 damn.
you can play as the Beatles to how krist novoselic played bass for nirvana. But go for confort before style. Be yourself. not a d-bag
LOOOOADS of metal guitarists play with their guitars by their tits. i do too. its way easier when you're trying to play faster stuff, plus you dont have to curl your wrist as bad
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LOOOOADS of metal guitarists play with their guitars by their tits. i do too. its way easier when you're trying to play faster stuff, plus you dont have to curl your wrist as bad

yeah the wrist curling thing is what destroys me. i don't understand how people do it. i play a seven-string but i'm pretty tall (200cm) so i figured my big hands would take care of it. i guess not.

thanks for the responses. hopefully my playing will overcome...
Personally I've become used to slinging my guitar quite low and for me that's more comfortable than having it higher because I've always had it low. Yea I did it at first for the look but now it has become extremely comfortable. It's just about practising at the height that you want loads to become comfortable with it.
Try keeping it at your belt but raising the angle of the guitar so the head stock is closer to your face, if you get what i mean. helped my playing by miles.

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If you play with your thumb over the neck, low works well. If you keep it behind most of the time it has to be higher.Your wrist should never be too bent. Also angling it up higher helps.
basically, it depends on how long you've been playing. having your guitar too low isn't good until you've got some good experience under your belt, which would be 3-5 years, and then still play what feels comfortable because you need to get your finger and wrist muscles to a certain strength. I used to play with my guitar down low until I found out that it was affecting my playing, and that I couldn't play the tricky stuff unless I was sitting down, so now I have my strap at maximum height and to be honest its about what you do with your guitar. Also two examples, Simon Neil of Biffy Clyro, has his guitar very high up, but a didn't notice until recently because he rocks out so much, and even though he isn't a great guitarist he is awesome live because of his rocking out. And Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine doesn't rock out loads, but lets hits crazy solos and powerful riffs do the talking, and they are enough. Basically its about the player and you can deal with that how you want
like everyone else says its a comfort thing, my guitar is as low as my strap allows, but ive never had troubles with wrist pain so its never been an issue, just adjust it to where its comfy for you
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If you have a 7 string and youre doing technical stuff you'll need to have it lower than breast level for sure, but too low is horrible.

Higher is better if you're doing stuff mainly on the single digit frets instead of double digit. When its solo time you need a stool or something like that.
Or bend over, thats what I do.
: )
I've been playing for about seven years, and personally, I prefer the satriani/brian may height. It feels perfect for me! Too high huts my elbows. Too low hurts my wrists!
Just gotta find your "sweet spot"
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for me it depends entirely on what I'm playing, I have a couple of songs tha are in open C that for me is just hitting some barre chords, not real lead stuff, or riffing so I play that one a bit lower, about waist level, just so I can move the guitar around more to make it look more interesting for the audience, but then I also play some songs with alot of licks and riffing, and I am kind of forced to move the guitar up, so I play with the guitar about right where it is when I sit and play.....
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Some pieces are only meant to be played by people with six fingers on their fretting hand. Sorry.
When I play I always have my guitar really high up, regardless of what kind of guitar I'm playing (6-string, 7-string, baritone, etc.)
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yeah the wrist curling thing is what destroys me. i don't understand how people do it. i play a seven-string but i'm pretty tall (200cm) so i figured my big hands would take care of it. i guess not.

Everybody is proportioned differently. What's comfortable to me is not comfortable to you or the next guy necessarily.

As for over-curving the wrist... big hands / long fingers won't help... you'll just have a little more reach while trashing your fret hand. seriously.

Hold your fret hand out in front of you, straight up palm toward your face.
Now without bending wrist... pretend you have a guitar neck in the hand... curl your fingers in to fret and hold your thumb against imaginiary back of neck...
Do some simulated playing... just move like your playing up and down a scale.
Should feel pretty effortless.

Now stop and curl your wrist so your hand points directly toward you. then do the same exact playing movements. Feel different?
That's what you're doing every time you have to reach down for the guitar neck.

just find your own most comfortable height for the guitar.
You should think about what you can play, and the comfort level, at each height.

In my experience you can play anything you want with the guitar at stomach/rib level as there is no unnecessary strain on the wrist. As you lower the guitar, you move closer to the limit of the wrist's motion, and I can't think of a playing situation where that's a good thing.
That's the way duane Allman (RIP) hold his guitar. You are n a good company ;-)
Hold the guitar behind your back as long as it comfortable for you.
I'm also holding my electric pretty high but it feels more natural for me and easier to play this way.
Here's what you can do if you really wanna play low.

Start high. Then every practice, lower it like a quarter inch or so. Really small adjustments so that it's almost unnoticeable.

Once it gets a tiny bit uncomfortable, maybe by day 21 or something, stop. Keep it hanging at that length until it feels natural. Then continue lowering by a quarter inch every practice.

Repeat until guitar touches the floor.