i have noticed, that typing in the name of a thread as you remember it hardly ever yields the thread you're looking for as a result.

For example, i was looking for 'the WORK thread' and typed it in as such, and it wasnt even on the first page *_* Found it eventually on the second around the bottom somewhere.

searchbarred and couldn't find anything about searchbarring ironically.

i'm ranting really, but you'd think the bar would search the title before the thread.

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I just found it in about 20 seconds.

You're a liar.

You can set to search for titles anyway.
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Go here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/search.php?
And press "search as title" below the search box.
Site suggestions forum perhaps?
I do agree with you though, but it doesn't take much effort to type in a phrase that would be common to the thread. Searching "job work applied interview" would get you to the work thread pretty quick.
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I found it in 10 seconds among 10 results, being the first option available.

Also, what Kensai said.
agreed. there is a function to search as title somewhere, but the 'search' page looks bigger than a register page.
Use the search page rather than the search bar. Just click the option to search thread titles and you'll easily find any thread you're looking for.