I had a pair of Sennheiser CX300-|| Precisions, but the left earpiece cut out about 5months later. Apparently its a common problem.

So now I need some new ones and want to spend about upto £150 on some decent ones.

I use my Ipod everyday (literally) so they need to be durable.

I don't want suggestions such as skull candy...They're not good.

I've looked into the Shure SE110's and they look nice.

Thanks, any suggestions would be appreciated!

Whatever you decide to get, buy a two year warranty. I've seriously gotten 8 or 9 pairs of $100 headphones for maybe $190 over a 3 year period.

Also, I love my Bose.
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Also, with the warranty you can kinda test out headphones. Use a pair for a few months, than take it back, try a new pair, until you find a pair you like. I would stay away from Monster headphones. They make awesome guitar cables, but I've owned two pairs of Monster headphones and both broke within two weeks.
You can call me Aaron.

Out on parole, any more instances of plum text and I get put back in...
Yeah I am about to finish a music technology course in 6th form so I'm pretty tight on quality now. Headphones under a tenner don't do it for me anymore.

Ahhhh thats cool. Yeah I wasn't sure about monster. Still yet to try their cables! Thanks
from my experiences
Panasonic - crap but cheap
Sony - crap quality but they were ****ing durable had them for almost 2 years before they broke (and by broke i mean it got caught in out schools belt sander and getting literally ripped off )
Bose - awesome quality headphones although i dont have a lot of experience with them
current headphones are sennheisers - i dunno what true "audiophiles would say but i think theyre pretty decent, good bass response and i got mine quite cheap
in conclusion
i would say Bose or Sennheiser
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I had a pair of "Headbanger Audio Ear Subs". I don't think they make them anymore. Shame because those were ****ing AWESOME!
Quote by moominman2
What sennheisers do you have? the CX-300s? They were good for the money. But won't last more than half a year...

Nah, in have the MXL 60 Street II
tbh i dont know if theyre better or worse than the CX-300s ive never used the CX-300s but right now ive had mine about 5-6 months and nothing has gone wrong with them
then again now ive said that, next time i go to use them theyre gonna break on me arent they?
Hi, my name is Forrest and i play the Gee-tar

Current Equipment
Vintage V300 acoustic
Squier Bullet Strat
Fender FM 212R Amp
Vintage Les Paul

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I'd suggest Bose as well. I loved the ones I've had up until recently. They've lasted almost three years of daily abuse. Always sounded great, no problems with the cables. Then my Uncle's cat decided to chew through them.....
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I would NOT recommend Shures. I've used expensive ones and they were muddy as hell, probably worse than the £25 Sony's I used to have.

Look into Klipsch, Denon, Bose, Beyerdynamic. Just look at reliable online reviews, all you'll get here are people saying they loved the 1 pair they've ever had
Bose will do you nice,
Buttttt if you are listening to music formats such as MP3s, there reallllly is no need to spend that much. The compression on music nowadays with ipods etc... you might as well listen on £10 headphones

you could just get Dr Dre Beats haha
for your ipod? look into the klipsch s4i. you'll get the MFI remote which is pretty neat.

bose are nice, but they're really expensive for what you get, and generally other high end headphones beat them out in terms of quality.
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Also what player are you using? I wouldn't spend a lot on earphones if I didn't have a very good sounding player and high quality files.

To be honest, I would never spend £150 on earphones at all... if you're after sound quality a £150 pair of cans will do a much better job.
If you need earphones because of their discreteness, I'd make a bet that those situations probably aren't when you'd necessarily warrant having stellar audio performance.

It's your money, but I'm just saying. If you want awesome personal audio, go for some proper headphones
This thread has a lot of suggestions and is even broken up into price ranges. Can't really vouch for the earbuds because I find them uncomfortable, but they've served me well choosing a good over-head headset.
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i have sannheiser cx-500 ear buds, they sound great and have lasted me over a year now with no problems. bose are good but i paid less than half for these and they sound very decent.
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After having actual head phones for the first time as opposed to earbuds I can safely say that I am never going back to buds. They're so much more expensive for so much less quality, it's just not worth it at all.
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Yeah I know headphones are WAY better for the money and quality, but earphones are just easier for me. They don't get in the way and because of my hair, I don't look stupid haha.

But yeah i'll take on board everything. Cheers guys...

Any headphone suggestions, I'd like to hear. Thanks
In that pricerange, get some Bose in-ear
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