Alright, so I wanna learn to sing....
But there is a small problem, I cant sing at all... When I sing for myself I think it sounds kinda decent, but if I record it and stuff it sounds crap...

So I wonder if I can learn to sing in any way? It's not the end of the world if I cant as I'm a guitarist, but if you look at bands like Sevenfold everyone can sing, so they got a damnlot of epic backingvocals.

Thanks (:
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There's a seperate singing forum for stuff like this, and yes, anyone can learn to sing.
Yep. If you can afford it, try getting an instructor, that should be a good start.
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Yeah it is possible.
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Of course, you just need to practice a shit load, discover what you're voice can and can't do, and learn to breathe properly. I can't sing at all, but I learned how to breathe properly, and worked at it, and eventually I did get better, but not great still. I also found my voice sounds decent either hysterically screaming (not screamo, but literally screaming), and singing softly, almost talking gently. That's what I do, and I'd say my voice has a very unique sound now. I can't hold notes, or properly harmonize with others unless their voice matches mine, but I found my thing. And trust me, if I can do it, you can
Well, I wouldn't say that anyone can learn to sing, but with the right attitude and approach, there is a good chance that you could. (most people can)
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Yes but he/she would sound "amateurish" without an instructor. Take Paul Gilbert for example. My favorite guitarist but I admit he can't sing.
Guitarmunky is correct; there are folks who have physical or psychological difficulties that cause all manner of musical difficulties. They may be unable to reproduce tones or to even hear them properly.
These conditions are very rare, fortunately, and most people can learn to sing to some degree.
Remember, even folks like Tom Waits and John Prine have had long and successful musical careers.....
you can at the very least learn to sing on key. having a great voice isnt everything take bob dylan for example he cant sing at all but he was the voice of a generation
I went down this path once.

I hired a tutor to help me sing. I did get better but after a month I got over it and stopped taking lessons. I just figured the guitar was much more enjoyable.

Good luck though
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Basically you can technically learn to sing and stay in key but ultimately you can only manufacture your tone of voice to a limited extent.
Limit yourself to a key and range that you know you can comfortably sing in. I like what James Hetfield (in the 80's) and Dave Mustiane are able to do in their respective bands. They don't have a ton of range, but the lyrics are powerful, their voices are steady and fit the music really well. Ofcourse it's just an example, and your musical tastes might vary.
David Lee Roth wasn't exactly the best singer technically, but he sure beats Hagar in terms of charisma and vocal personality. Just another example there.
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