hi there i hope you all can help me out

first things first, im planning on buying a new tube speaker head.

i need something to plug the head into.

i have a vox combo amp that has an 8" speaker, but on it I don't notice any type of "input".

im curious if theres any way to use this combo amp as a speaker for my new head, or how hard it would be to somehow rig the combo amp to be used as a speaker cabinet (i dont have a lot of skill in this area however)

or if all else fails, what am i looking for in buying a cabinet? just the cab + speakers?

i'm a scrub in this area so any input is greatly appreciated thank you
haha i cant find either of those, i can find the tsa15 amp + speaker combo for like $400
well the tube amp head was only 150 so it's quite a bit more

if all else fails i'll grab it though, it looks pretty nice