The song is "Tune 88" på The Jeff Lorber fusion. I'm supposed to improvise over this, and as I come from a rock background, I'm not sure what scales to use for this. Here's the chord progression:

G9 for four measures.

C9 for two measures.

G9 for another two measures.

Eb9 for one measure.

Then the following chords are played over a measure in dotted eight notes (the last one in a quarter note to even it out) : E, F9, F#9, G9, G#9

Then once again G9 for two measures.

This is probably really easy, yet I'm clueless. Any ideas?
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G mixolydian, C mixolydian, and Eb mixolydian. Also, try blues scales, blues scales a fifth up, the dominant diminished scale, lydian dominant or altered scale with the same root as the root of the chord your using it over. for the last bit, find notes that you can move chromatically and be inside the changes (any chord tone, or simple pattern would work).
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Chord tones are always safe, especially over that chromatic walk up.

Over G9 and C9, you could probably play G blues. Ab major would work well over the Eb9, then you should just worry about following those chromatic changes. G#9 (or Ab9) is a tritone substitution in the key of G, so you could use the altered scale or something over it.
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