I did a quick search for this but nothing really useful came up. I'm looking to buy a used Peavey Delta Blues 210 from craigslist. I don't have a lot of experience buying equipment and was wondering what I should look for to make sure I'm not getting junk. I'm gonna bring along a guitar and test it before giving anyone any money, but is there specific things I should check? Any insight at all would be helpful.
Please? Anyone?

Sorry for the self bump, but I gonna be lookin' at in within the next few days and I'm startin' to stress about it...
Play it and make sure it works. Turn it on, let it run in standby for a few minutes while you talk, then turn it on play it, and talk for a bit more. If nothing goes wrong in 20-30 mins, chances are its fine.
Don't be afraid to turn the amp up pretty good. Turn all the knobs and listen for scrathing, fading out, etc. Make sure the knobs do what they are supposed to do. Ask how old the tubes are. Take a look at the tubes while you play the amp. They should remain a fairly consistent hue of orange with the power tubes being slightly brighter than the preamp tubes. With amp off, pick it up and give it a shake. Just make sure you crank the amp and play thru it for as long as you can. Don't twiddle on it softly for 1 minute and call it good.
yea play it for 30 minutes you should have a good idea of its state.
Thanks guys... I really wouldn't have known to give it 30 minutes. I'm gonna call the guy tomorrow and try to get it wednesday.