So I have a 6505+ 112 and today I turned it on and the volume on the lead channel was considerably low. I had to turn the volume up to 5 to hear anything at all. I figured it might have been something with the power tubes but when I switched to the rhythm channel, the volume level was normal. Any ideas as to what is wrong?
If there are any preset volumes or tones or some shit, there will be a few buttons on the top that say preset 1, preset 2, etc etc, I don't know how to fix those because I don't have that option, i like to set the volume and to my own level. Maybe check the back of the amp for a volume knob, i know it sounds odd but I purchased a VOX Valvetronix and for the first like 2 weeks I didn't know why it was so quiet, but then i noticed the master volume knob in the back was almost off, so that's all i can help you with lol.
Sorry if this was not a solution to your problem haha.
No, I've had this amp for almost a year and a half and I just encountered this problem today so its not like I don't know how to work the thing.
It sounds like a tube or a fuse, I'd take a crack at the back anyways just to be sure. Do the tap test and shit.
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