Today I went to the city. Recently, I've been talking to many people on kijiji about buying their Ibanez guitars (Most of which have been in poor condition) Anyhow, I found someone selling a GRG 170DX. So when we went to thew city today I picked it up for $100.

This thing can do dive bombs like a sonofagun. It was one of the main reasons I got it, my Charvel can't do them at all. I love hair metal, etc. So this is perfect for me. Also, that guitar in the corner is my Charvel. I love it to death.

Okay, my review:

Fantastic sound, no muddy feeling on any pickup selection. Fantastic for metal, as well as blues, rock etc.

The neck is a great size not super big, the frets are a fair size as well.

As I said. This hits divebombs like a tank.

I have no real problems with it. I have to re string it of course, but that's no issue.

Here's the features:
GRG-shape maple neck
Basswood body
24 medium frets
Rosewood fingerboard
FAT 10 bridge
Powersound 1 humbucker at neck
Powersound single-coil in middle
Powersound 2 humbucker at bridge
Sharktooth inlay
Chrome hardware

So yeah, thats my GRG170DX. Those orange colours on the pics, are the reflection of the lights from my fan.
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Yeah. I just got it today, less than 5 hours ago actually haha. Once I have new strings I plan on cleaning the body, fretboard, neck, etc etc.