I was having trouble with finding a way to learn sweep picking (still having trouble now) but this helped me vastly, its just a simple little exercise i came up with. just starting slow i managed to start hitting everythin right and in time, then as i gradualy sped it up, i became used to the motions of sweep picking, im not sure if what i tabbed up is already in use somewhere, so i dont claim to be its initial writer, all i claim to be is the person who thought it would be a good exercise to help, hope it helps some people out there because it helped me.
sweep picking tab.txt
Thanks for sharing bro.
Try to add other shapes, like barred sweeps, people always have trouble with those. Also what I like to do is putting shapes like those on guitar pro and putting the metronome on.. Then I start from a low tempo and move my way up to much faster sweeps.
thanks for the advice man, im still new to playing guitar, but i did kinda jump in at the deep end so to speak, seems to be going well so far.