Hey, I did an acoustic cover of Three Cheers and my friends say it's pretty good, but... y'know... they're my friends XD


It'd be awesome if you guys could give me tips on my vocals. I hadn't taken singing lessons so, I never really know if I'm doing it right. :/ and maybe you could point out the stuff I did wrong there. I'd really appreciate the help

btw, that's all me. just on separate layers of recording.
Voice, 2nd Voice, Lead & Rythm guitar... that took me some time to do in audacity XD
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Wow, pretty impressed:P not many people can get away with singing this i think you did really good.
Maybe a little work on the Harmonies since the song really relies on them.
Did you learn the guitar by ear or tabs?
Wish i could give more tips but im not a singer!
Good work though (Y)
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Thanks for the awesome comment!
I left my opinion under the song in youtube .

thanks for the comment dude ;-)

nice playing, nice sound, nice voice and a good song = thumbs up from me !!

Not really a Mayday Parade fan, but this was well done! You created something that I would listen to! The harmonizing vocals worked out very well. Your friends weren't joking.
really good man! i was def impressed, harmonies are tight, guitar is good, i love it, good job
wow that was great. i really liked the two guitars and voices layered over eachother! keep it up! i also really like that acoustic guitar tone!
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