I don't know what will happen in the future, but for now I've been playing with friends, and the loudest guitar amp we have is a 40 watt bogner alchemist, I plan on getting a GK mb200 (200 watts @ 4ohms) and a 2x10 cab, would that be fine? my own amp is only a classic 30.
not sure what you using it for but that looks fine to me should be loudenough for jamming and even small/medium gigs
It'll probably leave you wanting more if you end up playing medium/big shows.
My style of music is garage rock, mixed with some spacy stuff, but I'm playing heavier stuff like Boris and whatever drop c# stuff with the friends. my current amp is 200 watts and I never go over 1/3 of the way up and it's loud. I imagine we'd be louder at gigs, but I just assume if I actually made it to large gigs I could mic up? I don't need a 8x10 beast behind me, if I can get by on 50 pounds of gear I am happy.
A lot of it depends on how loud you play. A 40-watt Alchemist can move some serious air when cranked. Your 200-watt with 2x10 cabinet should be pretty good for small to medium gigs. Yes, you could mic it, but depending on the room, soundman and P.A. system it might not be the best option.

Make sure you run the head through the cabinet at gig volumes before you buy. You don't want to find out that the head distorts the speakers at low to mid volumes. It does happen despite the cabinet's rating sometimes.
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I run a 300 Watt Wawrick Profet, it's a got a DI that most venues use when gigging. It's never been lacking in power.
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Yea he can get loud, but is a 1x15 that much louder than a 2x10? and as for the DI, then I already have a monitor with me yes?
I think that you get a slightly different sound with a 2x10 than a 1x15. Seems to be a little more compatible with mids/highs if you picked 2x10.
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