Ok. I have been playing for a year an I still do not know what I want of my guitar. I have thought, well I'm learning to play some of my favorite song's or, I have thought ok I'm learning cause I want to good an get into a band. Now I am not sure what I want all I know is I am having fun.

I am just lost right now and disappointed, I have adhd an my memory is a little slower the most but with there being so much to learn so much time being put into it I just want to start over from scratch. Over the past year I just been trying to learn song's an what not but to me I feel if I start over with the basics I will get better an be even more happy. Can you guys help me get on the right path of playing/learning guitar.
going back to the basics is always a good idea never a too late for a refresher on the basics i do it from time to time

but i cant tell you what you are going to do with the guitar you have to decide what you want and try to make that your goal
Well I have been thinking and listening to my favorite band's alot, an my goal is to be in a band wether it's just a weekend thing or making it big. It's just I don't know were to begin an making a rutine because there is so much to learn. I kind of feel like I am in the midle of now were an instead of finding my way home I just sit there lost.
Why not learn some stuff to help you write your own music, see if that catches your interest? Pick up some theory and ear training, start improvising, see where it takes you. Guitar really took off for me when I stopped playing other people's music all the time and focused on developing my own sound and style. It'll also give you clear goals to work on since you can set challenges for yourself that will help you develop in areas that interest you.
I tried making my own riff's before an didn't turn out to well lol. Over time I will be able to but for I don't want to try it because I'm not that creative lol with anything really. It's like when I listen to my favorite bands it's like I want to be that good but I don't know were to begin. I have a guitar theory DVD an scales DVD I guess I could start with those.
Ok. I may be able to help you here.

I was going through this problem before, and I finally understand the solution: learn a lot of songs you like.

I know. It's super simple, but the fact is... Music is a language. The way our brain naturally learns language is by "listening" and "talking". In the case of music, listening and playing. This is the BEST way to pick up MUSIC, especially the kind you listen to and like. It's super important to only play stuff you like. Pick a song you like, learn it WELL. The entire thing. Then repeat.

The Beatles did this and they were masters at "speaking" the language of music.
Well the song I was learning was Right Now ( na na na ) by Asking Alexandria, an I learned it all but 2 parts without tabs which is a start ( still working on it ). I can play Your Betrayal bt BFMV with a couple mistakes ( but I play it once or twice a week ). I can also play bits an pieces of other song's that I like. I think what my problem is besides what I said earlier is I am trying to learn to mich at once.
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I gotta say that at about one year in I was at a similar place, I didn't really know what wanted to do with the guitar I would spend plenty of time wondering "do I want to be in a band, do I want to be the best, do I just want this to be my hobby?" then one day it hit me, it doesn't really matter what I want to do with it as long as I enjoy playing it.

now I love playing, yeah I'm in a band now, but once you realize that the end result doesn't matter, as long as you have fun getting there. practice when ever you can for as long as you want, ten minutes a day is better than nothing, though of course you will probably get more out of two hrs of practice, but you don't want to force your self to play too long... anyways good luck!
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