So I was pondering over this issue today, and realised many of the guys on here might have been in the same situation.

I have a fairly large stompbox collection, including a few home-made customs, Dunlop's, ProCo's, and a fair few vintage BOSS units.

For a few years now, inbetween doing other stuff, I regularly attend a weekly electric jam night.

Ya'll will prolly be familiar with the set up. Loads of people turn up, there's a stage with two guitar tube amps & cabs, a bass tube amp & cab, mikes, and a full drum kit. The house band plays a few, and then asks anyone if they want to step up and play, and it kinda goes from there.

So, as this isn't a pre-arranged performance setting, there's no time to be mucking around with plugging in pedalboards, setting up amps perfectly, etc. You plug in, get a few seconds to check the amp sound, and then generally you jump straight into the first number (you get two songs, three if you're getting the crowd going - can be challenging when playing with people you've never met before!).

The unwritten rule is that you get to take one pedal up there with you.

Personally, I've never been 100% happy with the sounds I've gotten over the years, not having a lot of time to set up amp and pedal. I've tried all sorts of pedals, overdrives, fuzz, distortions, etc.

I've got three favourites at the moment; a ProCo RAT 2, a home-made Dallas Rangemaster combined with a Tubescreamer (yes, all in one stompbox!), and the vintage BOSS MZ-2 Digital Metalizer distortion/chorus/doubling pedal.

My normal choice at the moment is the RAT 2, as it gives me a nice boost when I hit it for the solo, not too muddy in the bass frequencies, but not too clean at the top end (I hate that, especially playing Strats as I do!).

So my question for you guys is this;
put yourself in my situation as above - what one pedal would you choose, and why?


Obvious, a wah.
I'm up for building you a pedal.
(Or modding nearly anything moddable)
(PM Me.)