hey all, first time i've put my music out there really. got a couple songs knocking around that are about this far done, but this is the most recent and probably my favourite (at the moment)

it's only 2 verses now, no chorus yet and no arrangement, so bear that in mind. but i'd like to hear people's thoughts.

oh, and don't put it up too loud, the mic's a piece of crap and there's some pops here and there.


EDIT: lyrics, for those interested
and now i got no secrets
word has gotten round
you pushed me
in the fire and
now im out and i wont tire

im turning all the cameras
theyre on you

and when you turn up crying
im gonn tear you down
tell me
what you gunna do
you got no punches left to pull

and aint it funny
now that the safetys off and its
your turn sweating honey
I like what you have so far. It sounds pretty good for the quality of the recording. It has a really nice personal feel to it. This sounds like it has a lot of potential. I'd definitely like to hear a finished version. Keep 'em coming.