Poll: Should we send more animals into space?
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View poll results: Should we send more animals into space?
50 81%
47 76%
Voters: 62.
The list of animals that have been sent off into orbit is remarkably dull:

Flies, cats, mice, monkeys, worms, bees, ants, frogs, snails, fish.

Imagine you could see any animal floating about in the International Space Station.

What interesting animals would you send off into space? And why?
can birds fly in space?
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I'd love to see a hippo in space.... they're my number one fear.
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Hippos and blobfish.
In fact, I just want to accidentally set loose several blobfish in zero G.

These bastards just floating around....
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Hippos and blobfish.
In fact, I just want to accidentally set loose several blobfish in zero G.

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These bastards just floating around....

Oh shit this
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Snakes on a space station.
Warning: The above post may contain lethal levels of radiation, sharp objects and sexiness.
Proceed with extreme caution!
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Hippos and blobfish.
In fact, I just want to accidentally set loose several blobfish in zero G.

These bastards just floating around....

The Blobfish has every vote I can give.
Loooool, TS fails at making polls! Multiple options, so I voted both, take tha-wait...
Two angry, drunk squirrels.
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These bastards just floating around

It'd be cool to watch one float into a wall in a micro-gravity environment in slow motion HD. Bouncing against each other, bouncing against astronauts, forcing one down the space-toilet to get it the **** out of the Space Station...

I only voted one option to screw up the equality of the poll, and now I see that it's 23/23
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I say bisons would be cool.
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some biker mice. id take them to mars.
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They should gather every single ****ing mosquito and send them up there to die a slow, painful death
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This thread.
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*epic squid*

the fact that these guys exist are amazing

It looks like it belongs in space.
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A seal. It'd be funny to watch it trying to move around in a space shuttle while it makes that stupid noise "herp a derp derp derp"

I think I just got my next idea for a surrealist painting.
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A narwhal.
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