That's a sweet cover dude! Good song. Really no complaints actually
Sounds great! You might wanna do something about that haircut though.
Just kidding.
Anywho, I'mot really acquainted with Coheed and Cambria but it all sounded spot on. Good job!
Hahaha, I can't change it, the girls love it!
& Thanks man! If you're into prog-ish rock, you should get their In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth:3 album.
hey i remember you haha. good cover. id say that its tough to differentiate between you and the actual song but i guess thats just saying that youre playing it well enough that theres barely a difference between the two. i like your tone, seems fitting for the song haha. always love a good coheed cover.

care to check out my neverender bass cover?


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Pretty awesome mate, your changes are so smooth. This song has a real punky flair to it, but maybe you could've given it a bit more juice in the mini-breakdowns, just to give it a bit more edge.
Also, whats that shirt you're wearing?

Check out my acoustic cover of IKSOSE3
What is this that stands before me?

Figure in black that points at me...

Thanks dudes.
I'll check y'alls covers out in a bit, busy.
& It's an Animals As Leaders shirt! Great band. Saw them in Atlanta 2 months ago.
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Tosin = GOD.

Thanks man! Lookin' forward to hearing more of your awesome covers as well.