Hey guys need some help on choosing a pickup for an older yamaha pacifica 921 I just painted and am ready for the pups and string it up. Anyway this guitar has a funky neck heel connection to the body, it has a metal plate under the neck heel to attach to the body supposedly allows access to the upper frets and can testify that my 1221 MS does anyway I went through some pups with the 1221 and it's basswood ended up with a dimarzio alnico breed in it. The 921 has a thinner body than the 1221 and it's ash and am wanting to know if I should use ceramic or alnico's in it.
If someone could chime in that has some experience with changing out pups that would be really great
You should really use the pickup thread for this, but I won't be like every other person and not answer. I think ash tends to be on the brighter side so you might want to choose a darker sounding pickup to balance that. Are you using humbuckers or singles of a combination?
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I went for a bare knuckle nailbomb with my ash explorer. Once the guitars finished I'll let you know how it sounds.
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