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Good stuff! Definitely enjoyed the playing. Maybe its my speakers, but your solo at around 2:00 could be turned up a little higher. Couldn't hear some parts clearly.
But overall enjoyable.

I used a shit load of verb and delay on the solo lol

Thanks for listening, I'll check yur link now.
I will be posting an updated version of the song, fixing some issues very soon.
video game music ftw!!! this is not my kind of music, too techno, i would have liked a more guitar driven version, but overall it was a very good arrangement! the problem is the mix seemed maybe too compressed¿? (im learning mixing so i dont know if it is the right term)

here is my vg cover lol if youd like to check it..
oh, i heard the new version... its better, i still find the hats a little annoying. but its better. now that the solo is more audible its pretty kick ass
Just heard the new version, and I can say the mixing and the track overall are definitely sounding better than the first one. The solo sounds extremely clean and nice. Obviously, there is some progress.