I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has signed up already on my site. We are receiving a lot of visits and the internet radio station I set-up is getting a lot of traffic especially since I launched the advertising campaign.

For those of you who have not heard. I started a new site just for bands. Think of it as myspace with only bands on the site. Plus an internet radio station to help get your music heard.

If your interested then make your free profile on www.allunlabeled.com and get your music out there. Soon you will be able to sell your music from allunlabeled.com for free as well. If you have the 2 minutes it takes to make a profile I suggest you check it out.

I will see you there.
looks pretty cool, but there should be a "metal" genre for the radio part
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The genre's are dynamic. Meaning that as bands sign-up and upload their music it get's put into a category, I have lot's of metal categories just no metal bands uploaded yet. If you know of some just direct them to my page. I'm always looking for more bands. Especially if I'm gonna release an iphone and android radio station app for this site.