A friend of a friend is selling a very gently used fretless Brice HXB 406, like this one: http://www.rondomusic.com/hxb406flnatb.html

He's asking $300 for it, which I just realized is ridiculous since it's used. Does anyone have one of these and have any opinions to offer?

Also, it's still strung with the factory strings, which I've heard are terrible. Can anyone recommend any better flatwounds for six strings?

Edit: Just realized that he's giving a hardshell case with it, too, which makes the $300 price a lot less ridiculous. I'm thinking of offering for $250 for it. Sound reasonable?
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$250 sounds reasonable. I think anarkee has the fretted version of that bass so she should be able to give a pretty good description quality and soundwise.
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I believe Tam (Anarkee) recently got a Brice bass similar to that one, but not fretless. Drop her a line and ask her what she thinks of it. That one looks very nice, and $250.00-$300.00 for it with a hardshell case sounds like a good deal.
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