Hey guys, thanks for taking your time to watch this. i recorded all guitar parts to One, then got the master tracks of the song, and replaced the guitars with my guitars, so im basically playing with the band! (keep in mind i dont have professional recording equipment, im using a Zoom H4, so my guitar tone isnt going to sound perfect)

If you guys dont mind, check it out, and give me some constructive criticism/anything you want to say about the video. THANKS A LOT!


(...and if you wanna check out my band in the meantime... http://www.myspace.com/fatalblastburn lol)
Your timing in the intro seems to be a little off (the pauses between the single notes are kinda messed up..)

The first solo could be a bit more spot on, make sure to let that arpeggio ring real nice! (: Another small detail is that to me sliding the 2nd-4th fret (on the 3rd string) instead of hammer-ons/pull-offs sounds a little more genuine.

Having the master tracks is a REAL NICE touch though! Sounds like a real life collab with Hetfield, though it isn't.

The main thing is just to practice it a bit more into the details, like the clean tapping and overall smoothness.

Good luck!

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