I want to get a Seymour Duncan JB pickup with my guitar center gift card, but if possible I'd like to wait until they had some sort of sale going on. Do they ever lower the prices on these? If so, by how much? I have enough to get the pickup; I just want to save some cash if possible.
JBs are in stock at my local place...

edit: oh.
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Sometimes they're included in their holiday sales but not always.
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Well, i got a 25% discount off any pickups instore by mail. sign up for their newsletter?
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Oh, well then, I'd go and buy one now. I doubt they'd ever put a sale on pickups, and if they did, they would never do it for the good ones, just the crappy ones they can't seem to sell.

Because the company obviously never offers promotions on stuff over a certain limit? GC usually sends emails every weekend with different promotions going on, sometimes it'll be "$20 dollars of $100 or more" etc. So you can probably save a little bit by doing that.

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I have never seen a sale of pickups at GC in my entire life, but I don't pay much attention to GC anyways, they don't really carry a good selection of pickups, just the most popular crap gear that noobs will buy.

It's a big box chain music store. They aren't going to carry some random pickup just because you think it is good. They are going to carry what pushes out the most volume ; DiMarzio, Seymour Duncans, Fender, Gibson stuff. There is a pretty big selection online, and for the most part in store has the most common pick-ups. Making wide assumptions about places is pretty stupid....