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2 40%
3 60%
Only on some people..
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Voters: 5.
I couldn't find a thread about tattoo's, piercings, and stretchings and such on here,
and I thought it could use one. Oh noez if there is one, just go ahead and close it.
If not, I know a thing or two about piercings and id love to help some people out!

I only do body mod-cumetaries, sorry.
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I had a dream about your avatar once, so yes of course.

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every time i see that twirling electrode avatar of yours I know that the post is worth reading or the link is worth clicking

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Hey now, I did too. It said there was nothing found. xD

I just searched for "body modification" and only got 3 results, 1 of which was the huge thread for it.