how hard would it be to put a standard style (like the full body one on gibson sg standards) on a epiphone prophecy sg Gx? Is it possible or is there a difference in pickup spacing? I know I'd have to modify the plate somewhat to fit the tone (i think thats the knob) thats so far inward.....would the half body pickguard be easier? I just am curious how hard/easy itd be to do this since I love the sg GX but think it'd be cooler with a pickguard
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Meh. Looks like an SE to me.
Well, thanks for confirming you know absolutely nothing about PRS guitars.
My guess is neither would fit without some customizing. You'll have to custom-order one from somewhere, or buy a blank one and route all the holes yourself. I'm not sure it would be worth the work.
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You would need to buy one measured for an Epiphone SG. Gibson stuff wont fit on Epiphones.

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