Okay, I'm having problems with my computer again for the 2nd time in about a 2 week period.

OS: Windows Vista Home Edition 64bit. It's the problem, I know, but it's the best I can get, so I use it.

The computer itself is an Asus notebook, not sure of the model. It gives several different model names in computer properties.

I'll start from the beginning:

I downloaded SP2 for this computer about 2 weeks ago using Windows Update. The update got to 50%, froze, then shut down all together. I'm assuming it was going to restart, but it wasn't finished with the update, so when it tried to boot, it didn't. Windows couldn't start because of unfinished files. Windows was effectively dead on my computer.

I took it to Best Buy because it was still under warranty and because the computer didn't come with a repair disk. They took it for about a week and I have since gotten it back. It has worked just fine, but I recently discovered something that is rather irritating: Whenever I go to restart my computer, or just turn on my computer period, it says that it is configuring updates. It isn't the endless cycle that I've read about either, it finishes the configuration and goes to the login screen and functions perfectly after that. If I restart my computer again though, it's configuring more updates.

Here's the catch, though. I thought that if I went to Windows Update and let the updates do their thing there, it would work out. However, the window says that there are no updates to be installed. When I search for updates, I get this error:

"Windows could not search for new updates

An error occurred while checking for new updates for your computer
Code 800f0902"

I've looked this up on Google and found nothing relevant. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
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Try booting in safe mode. Ideally, doing that should knock the computer out of whatever cycle it's in. That's what I did last time I had a problem like that.
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I've never hear of that problem. If its not too much of a hassle bring it back to best buy, only thing I can think of other than a clean windows install, which you can't do if you don't have a windows disk.
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try manually downloading and installing the SP. or do a system restore to a few days ago.
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Quote by Zigsfi
Try booting in safe mode. Ideally, doing that should knock the computer out of whatever cycle it's in. That's what I did last time I had a problem like that.

All I should do is boot it in safe mode? Do I have to use repair tools?

The reason I ask is because this computer was a gift and I wasn't given a repair disk to use anyway, so if your solution requires that, then I don't have the ability to fix it.
You can also get a program like ccleaner that removes defunct registry keys. Odds are the best buy guys did a manual jump to sp2 and left a registry key telling windows it's in the middle of updating.

Also try disabling windows update rebooting then re enabling it should also untoggle the update key.
Switch to linux. It will solve all your windows problems.
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i kind of doubt just restarting it in safe mode will work, so if it doesnt most new laptops come with a partition for backups even if you dont have a disk it should just be on the harddrive, i would try what another member said and system restore to a previously installed update.
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OS: Windows Vista Home Edition 64bit. It's the problem, I know, but it's the best I can get

I beg to differ. If Mac is too expensive for you, try this:


You don't have to resort to Windows, Linux is free.
^^^That'd be a great idea and I'd switch myself but linux doesn't have much in the way of wifi card drivers.

Bum a Visa install disk off someone and do a system restore to before you tried to install the SP.
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What you need is a new mac.
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Bum a Vista install disk off someone.


If you don't think my method will work, then don't try. Any advice you get over the internet, take it with a pinch of salt.

Try the CCleaner thing, and frankly, any other thing that doesn't put you through much trouble before you try mine.

Chances are, some of your files are corrupted. I'm inclined to think that they didn't do a clean format, and then reinstall everything from scratch.

First, boot into CD. If it isn't prompting you to boot into CD when the computer is still starting up, go into the BIOS and change the boot priority (You can change it back later.). Only, only, only change the boot priority unless you know for sure you're not going to kill your computer.

Then, attempt to repair the installation.

Do a reset. Go into your bios and change the boot priority to when it was earlier if your computer for some reason by default boots into CD all the time. (Pretty sure you have to press a key after the POST [the beeps when your computer starts up] to boot into CD though, but just in case...)

See if it still does the update thing. If it does, you could try doing a format yourself.

Edit: I'm actually using 32bit Vista myself, and while I won't say it's the most awesome OS there is, I think it's stable enough for me. Wouldn't mind switching to Windows 7 though.

Edit 2: What I just said would be what I would do if I were in your shoes. There's a chance it won't fix your problem, but that's the worst that can happen unless you're doing something wrong.
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