So, I was messing around with Audacity and this is what I came up with. Sounded interesting so I decided to uploaded and then since I was so bored, I also edited a video to go with it.


Opinions appreciated =)
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None of this is supposed to sound mean, so here goes.

I'm gonna go with the presumption that this is noise art stuff. So from that view it's hard to crit as it's self expression, and who can critique that?

I would recommend a more definate base rhythm, instead of just random noodling for all the parts. I find it hard to latch on to and get in to because there's nothing to latch on to.

You already critiqued mine, so here is my return. Thanks for the crit, and keep doing this, because I can definately tell that that was self-expression, not some yap flapping his cheeks and making noise. Good luck, man.
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