Anyone know any easy classical finger style songs? I've recently started playing classical style music and i can play Romance (easy) and Dee by Randy Rhoads. Does anyone have any other relatively simple classical style songs that i could learn?
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Classical Gas?

He said simple. Don't buy into what the rest of UG says about the simplicity of Classical Gas. These are the people who over-exaggerate their skills by a long shot.


Although this player uses a pick, you can play it fingerstyle. Also, the more comfortable you get with it, the more you can add in (bass lines and such)
You should check out learnclassicalguitar.com, he has a section of beginner pieces along with videos that has his interpretation of the music.
Yep, there's also a good book I have called "Fifty Easy Classical Guitar Solos" which I think you'd find perfect as it's watered down for beginners but the pieces still sound excellent.