Ok I am going to try to make this as short as possible. I was in a band in highschool for 4 years. We played talent shows and small things like that. I left the band when I joined the Army. Now I am out of the army and back in my home town. I recently got a message on facebook from the lead singer of the band I was in. They had since gone thru a few lead guitarists and settled on one. He unfortunately went to prison for possession with intent. I was asked if I would be willing to play with them for a few months until they could find a suitable guitarist. The reason being they have a few gigs coming up over the next few months.

So on one hand I am thinking well this really isn't my thing anymore and I don't paricularly have a lot of room in my schedule I have a job a wife and two kids. Different from when I was in highschool.

And on the other I am thinking well its an old friend and I would love to see her make it and if it's only for a few months why not.

I could make time but I would definitely be on a tight shedule. So would you do this? And what are your thoughts.
If you really want to do something, you'll make time to do it. If scheduling is a concern, make it clear at the start that you can only practice on a certain night, at a certain time to a certain time, and no more. They should be fine with this (as most bands practice this way anyway). Discuss with your wife a night that's good for her to look after the kiddies and perhaps give her a different night to pop out whilst you look after the kids. All good.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Sounds good in theory. Lol.

Keep in mind I know these people and it's a concern that they are not always as pro active as they could be. I am just concerned they will end up looking at me as a permanent solution.

But as you said as long as I am clear on it and stick to my guns no harm. I spoke with my wife she doesn't mind so long as I am not partaking in any other things associated with rock and roll lol.

On a sidenote the band leader owns a plexi I would get to play thru. So that makes it worth it lol.
Meh works for me. Although you say they're not as "pro-active" as they could be, a lot should be said for any band that has stuck together for 4+ years. None of my bands have ever done that, and I've been in many, many bands.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Yeah they definitely have the drive. It's actually been almost 10 years as I was in the army for 6 after I left them.

They have some really good music IMO and I am actually excited to work with them again. I guess the motivation and drive they have kinda made me decide man if they really need me it would be a real dick move to turn them down. Especially since I don't have anything really to lose so long as I schedule it right.

So meh we will see what happens. I am sure a guitarist will turn up for them within the year until then I will have some fun with it.

Plus who knows it's been a long time they have real gigs now they grew up too these aren't the teenagers I used to play with lol.
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Give it a try. I bet your wife will totally dig it if she gets to see you do a gig. Chicks dig rock stars, even if they are married to you.

I work out a one day a week band commitment with my wife, and we still have friction over it. But then again I have one "kid" who is getting married this fall, so I am past having little ones. But those early years are critical for making a family work, so be careful and don't "F" up your family to play rock god. I spent 8 years in the Navy with a lot of deployments to crappy places around the world. It was all I could do during those years and the ones shortly after to keep a family together, and a band wasn't in the picture.

Just keep in mind what's important.
First of all, thanks for your service!

I'd ask the wife. See how she feels! IF she's fine with you helping a friend, then go for it, but if she'd rather you didn't then no worries.

I'm not saying to be her b****, just that if you're concerned about how it will go now that you have a wife and children, see what they would think about it.
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Well I have already done a few practices with the band since I made this post originally. We work well together and have a gig at the end of the month.

Practicing hasnt really cut into my time with the kids since its only twice a week and after they go to bed.

As far as my wife digging on the rockstar thing she has always looked at my musical interests with sort of a mild mannered neglect.

And I def feel you on the deployment thing. I missed both of my kid first Christmas and birthdays. Definitely not something I am looking to do again for any reason.