Found a Marshall 100 watt amp head used in a pawn shop, in pretty decent condition. I couldn't tell how old it was though.
Good Deal or not?
need to know the model.

get the serial number off the back.

also take some pics with your cell phone.
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if its an mg dont do it
valve state its a fairish deal
full tube amp its a good-great deal
Best case scenario it's a JCM2000 or Vintage Modern. I won't say JCM800 because no shop in their right minds would advertise an 800 or JMP for that low of a price, no matter how beat up it was.
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If it's an MG, no go. It may or may not be a JCM 900 head. I've seen them go for around that used. It'd still be a fairly good deal if that's the case.
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