Hello, everyone!
I want to share my experience in using different strings and I would be glad to hear you opinions\suggestions.
I have Camps M-5-S guitar. It`s called flamenco, but sounds like a classical guitar.

I`ve used many Hannabach models:

Goldin (MHT): The mellowest sound. I really enjoyed top notes. I also had a feeling that sound wasn`t balanced very well (top\bottom). And also strings didn`t keep tone very well. Light on the tuner just refused to stay on center.

Flamenco (HT): I think these strings had the best balance. Also kept tuning very good and were pretty loud (compared, for example, to Goldin). Really enjoyed clear and powerful sound, while tops weren`t as mellow as Goldin`s. :bravo:

Titanyl (MHT): Had pretty good tops. Don`t remember about balance. Also one set were breaking like 4 times. Maybe it`s because of a special material, I dunno.

Pure Gold (HT): Nothing really to say. Good but nothing special on my guitar.

Other manufacters:

LaBella Flamenco (HT): cheap, deaf.

Savarez 540 HT Classic (HT): Surprisingly, not much better than LaBella model. Doesn`t sound at all on my guitar.

I also have few new sets that I haven`t tried yet.
Untested models:

Augustine Classic Blue (MHT)

Conde Hermanos 740 (HT)

Savarez 570CH Cristal Rouge Polished (HT)

That would be nice to find set with a balance and powerful sound as Hannabach Flamenco and mellow tops as Hannabach Goldin.
What`s your experience? Do you value same qualities? Which models deserve to test them?
Thanks in advance.