Well, I am in vacancy so I decided to make more new covers, and here are they. You can watch The Blackouts "Fashion conscious suicide" and Glamour of the Kills "If only she knew" here and here . Thank you again, hope you give me some good advices.

On Fashion Conscious Suicide, the tone on the tapping part sounds kinda weird. The rest is pretty good though. But you should practice it a bit more especially on the solo. Don't get me wrong... it does sound really good just not perfect, y'know?
I'd rate it 8/10

On If Only She Knew... I think it's better than the other one you did. Sounds like it fits the song better. But on the solo again... some of the bends didn't quite make it. But yeah, practice could fix that too.
So... this one sounds like it's easier to play than your first cover, but you did it pretty awesome anyway 9/10

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