so are the days of our lives!
But seriously.
My name is tissue-box and i enjoy guitar and have been playing for maybe... 3 years. I'm quite familiar with most concepts.
My downfall is my lack of focus for learning a song... I really need to learn songs for writing purposes! :p

I was hoping the pit could challenge me to learn/record a song (of course it won't be the greatest cover:P)

So maybe you guys and girls could suggest me some easy - standard songs with some tastey riffs and cool rythms.

I'm not really into the metal/hard rock style.

My challenge to anyone is... Little wing!


(sorry if this is far to much to read or in the wrong forum[and if so maybe direct me there])
“being in a room and sitting there with a ghost, hearing their voice in your head and seeing them as clearly as I'm seeing you right now.”