Poll: On a scale of 1 to 10, how much control do your parents have over your life?
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View poll results: On a scale of 1 to 10, how much control do your parents have over your life?
28 14%
31 15%
30 15%
37 18%
16 8%
21 10%
20 10%
17 8%
3 1%
2 1%
Voters: 205.
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To those who apply, I guess everyone 0 - 20ish, sometimes the poor 30 some year olds, sometimes the poor 60 some year olds. How much control do your parents have over your life? Let's rate it on a scale of 1 to 10. And how do you feel about obsessive parents? Any good stories?

Poll up in a sec.
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None, I wear the trousers in my family but my wife chooses which ones
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I'm 18, and since I went to Uni they realised I'm a big boy and can look after myself now, so they have almost no control over me whatsoever now.
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I wouldn't say mine control....but they do influence my decisions

Well, that's what I meant.

Like 0 would mean that there is barely any influence to do things their way instead of yours.
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I wouldn't say mine control....but they do influence my decisions

This. Well, some of my desicions anyway.
Not much, I can do whatever I want since I'm already in college. My mum just laughs at me if I do stupid stuff.
About 3/10.

But that's when I'm at home and not at uni. Here at uni they trust me enough that I can manage my rent and studies and living costs. They're always there if I need them though.
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My Dad I respect so I take his advice. My mom treats me like a child and doesn't show that she respects the fact that I am 18 and in college and can take care of myself. I don't listen to much of what she says. Neither parent controls me but I to take their advice when I feel it is appropriate.
I've got a lot of respect for my parents, so I'd say around 4 (I'm 18, so they don't legally have any control over me. But they're my parents, and I'm still living in their flat, so yeah).
very little

other than where i live and what schools i can go to, not much.

i get lots of freedom, unfortunately i waste a good amount of time on here
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A lot. My mom is choosing where I work; it'd be better use of my time, though, teaching guitar rather than working at Tim Horton's. I only have one student, though I just started teaching.

Other than that, I have a curfew that I can usually find a way around, although it's not fun to continually do so (such as climbing in my window at 3am).
Not a lot. For the first 5 years of my life (the impressionable years) it was just raised by my mother, and I was left to make up my own mind about a lot of stuff. Hasn't really changed since then. Obviously there are ground rules, but aside from that..any shit I get myself into, I can get myself out of, and if I want a roof over my head, I need to help out a bit.
Oppressive parents piss me off more than most things. Self righteous cunts that take it upon themselves to rule over kids with an iron fist, in a red flag house, pushing them into corporate lifestyles which they probably don't want, and will end up as a rich but depressed and lonely alcoholic at 40.
they do a little, but this has gone down dramatically since ive finished school and got a job.
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I make my own money, I can do with that whatever the crap I want.
They do decide my household chores though.
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To the extent that I'm still living with them, so they can coerce me into doing chores.
I've been... roaming since I was 18, stayed with my dad for a while but we just don't get on in a constant living situation. Since then I've accidentally estranged myself from my whole family and this is something I've been trying to sort out recently, but unfortunately I think I have too much pride to actually talk to my dad, last I heard from him was a "happy 21st, we should meet up for pints" email june last year, which I didn't reply to. If I've ever been able to say "feels bad man" and really mean it, it is now. Stay close with your family, no matter how irritating you think they are, family (I think, not really sure on this) are the people you still have when all your friends are gone. Feeling like you have no family feels BAD, man.
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I can do basically anything I want, as long as I keep talking to them and don't ignore them.
It's a fair trade: a lot of freedom in exchange for a bit of loyalty towards them.

It's pretty much bullshit, I could do whatever I want, but for some reason I'm still afraid of them.
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Erm, i'm not sure. If it's the actual control my mum has over me, I'd say quite low, around 2. But if it's the control she thinks she has over me, then it's around an 8. Two very different numbers there, and this is probably what causes so many arguements between us.

When I was under 18, I could understand that she wanted to try and control me, but now that I'm 18, wtf is she trying to do? I'm probably the only 18 year old I know who has a 'curfew', 'drinking limit' and 'spending limit', none of which I listen to. Why can't parents realise that we're 18 and earning our own money now? If we earn the money, we can do what we want with it, whether it's spending it on crap, saving up, or just going to parties 3 times a week.

On the other hand though, my dad is awesome, and has been since I was like 16. Many of times have I been locked out at 3 o'clock in the morning by my mum, but I know I can just go around to my dads. He even encourages me to go to parties and socialise and meet new people because he wants me to enjoy my life.

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My mum is cool with me doing drugs, as long as I do them in safe places etc.
They influence but don't necessarily control me. I take their advice but they leave a large portion of the decisions up to me.

I don't understand people who are so against having their parents influence them in things. I said I'd be getting a masters even though I don't want to because my parents would be willing to put me through it. The girl I was talking to said "Why? You're in college, they can't tell you what to do." I mean I don't HAVE to do what they tell me but they're paying for me to be in college, they're willing to give me an even higher education, and they provide pretty much everything else for me. It would be in my best interest to do what they prefer once in a while.
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My mum is cool with me doing drugs, as long as I do them in safe places etc.

So as long as you're not doing your meth in the back of a shady alley she's ok with it?
I'm at college, so I don't see them much any more. They still provide for me financially, though. And when I come home it's probably a 2 or 3/10. They just like knowing where I'm going to be, what I'll be doing, etc. when I'm home.
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when it comes to my physical safety, my mum's always protective. anything else, my mum and dad let me get on with my business.
On the whole, I'd say my parents aren't very controlling of me. Probably started when I showed I could just go study on my own and get decent results.

I can buy whatever I want as long it's not a stupid purchase to make.

My mom does restrict me from going to some places, such as arcades, bars, and basically wherever you might find gangsters because she thinks I might get into trouble with them.
Maybe a 6? They know I'm old enough to do a lot of things on my own now, but they still make me feel guilty about not doing what they want me to do. Apparently I am the only girl on my dad's side of the family for 12 generations (not sure how that works) so I have to do what the rest of the family does. But they don't force me into things.
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Control? No. But a slight influence? Yes.

EDIT: My mom was really sceptic about me wanting to study abroad, but she finally gave in; not that it would change the outcome if she didn't. If I want to stay in Norway, I have two options:

- Study in the closest town, at the same place as my twin brother, whom I have been in the same class as for the 13 years of school I've been through and live at a relative.
- Study in another town, which is mother****ing expensive and with rent expenses as 5000 NOK per month (£570), and that for some crappy place.

The benefits for doing it in England/Sctoland:
- Cheaper living
- Mastering the English language
- Look good on CV
The only negative outcome is the ~£40k study loan I'll end up with, but with a decent paying job, I think I'll manage.
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Whilst I'm living at home my mum sometimes makes me empty the dishwasher, so...

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I put 7, but I'm not like "My parents are keeping my down, man! **** them, they can't control, no matter what they do, even if I am doing chores!"

I respect and look up to parents, so usually I can assume that in whatever way they attempt to "control" me, it's for my own good.
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