Hi everyone, just last week I finally accomplished my ambition of the last 3 years or so and purchased myself a lovely old fender twin, and in head form at that!

That said, I'm currently borrowing my housemate's cab, which of course I would prefer not to to indefinitely, and thus am looking for one of my own.

I'm currently running the head through a marshall 4/12, and it is coming through nice, but with a bloody feisty low end on it.

Basically I was wondering if anyone could recommend a decent 2x12 or something a similar size, rated at 4ohm and that can handle 135W of power?

Cheaper would better at this point as well, seeing as all my money has gone into said head :p

IS all that too much to ask of a 2x12? If anyone knows of anything good, would be greatly appreciated!
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If in US, check out avatarspeakers.com Great stuff for the price and you can choose your own speaker combination.
The stuff on avatar looks fantastic! Though sadly I'm in the UK so alas may be slightly out of my means to have one of the things shipped out :s
Cheers for the tip though!
I have a 4x10 cab that has original james lansing d110f speakers in it. The 67 68 twins had them as an upgrade that cost 200.00 I might want to get rid of them