I need advice on what to do with my guitar.
It's a Yamaha Pacifica 012 (It's cheap I know, but I love this guitar), and every damn time I use the whammy bar, all my strings get untuned

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Also, the guitar is shaped like a fat strat, I donno if this will help, but just to let you know.
This is why locking nuts where invented. But they're a hassle to install.

It might be your tuner heads.. give em a bit of a tighten. Makes sense, seeing as they're the only thing that has any give.
Also, the strings might need to "get used" to being relaxed and taught more often. Repeat whammying (gentley of course) and retuning until they get used to it.
You should get some better tuners like grovers or get a locking nut. i have a floyd rose trem and if i dont put the locking trem on then it gets outta tune rly fast so u should install one. good luck!
Without fine tuners on your bridge, a locking nut isn't going to be a great deal of use to you.

There are loads of articles on how to set up a strat for better tuning stability - google it, read, and try what is suggested - some of the things won't cost anything - adjusting the springs if needed for example, or won't cost much - if anything, such as lubricating your nut.

Once you have done all the basic stuff, then new tuners might help (don't have to be locking but in my view you might as well put locking tuners on if you are going to change them), new saddles on the bridge, a new nut - there are lots and lots of things that make a difference to your tuning stability.
locking nut is basicly a waste of time here. you will tune up, lock the nut, and then be suddenly out of tune. the nut will pull the strings sharp when tightened down, which is why you need the fine tuners.

mark has the best advice here. start with a full setup. and i dont just mean tuning and checking intonation. check neck relief, balance the bridge (2 or six point trem?), set the action, intonate, tune, and so on. there is a great sticky in EG that should help with that stuff. as you do that, also get some graphite or similar in the nut grooves. a lot of time you will get issues like yours if the string is binding in the nut as you use the whammy bar. and most of that should be free! with a little work on your part of course. if that fails, go for a solid set of new tuners, and then maybe a new nut and bridge saddles.
If you're really cheap and your bridge is like a normal strat bridge you could buy fender bullet strings. The ends of them that stay with the bridge are designed to sit perfectly inside the bridge string pockets. I did this for a good while until I had the money to buy new tuners.


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