Ive just put on a set of 10s by DR on my guitar. These strings are the new pink neon coated strings (that look sexy!) but my sustain is noticeably shorter with these. I hear it by holding a note and also with my pinch harmonics.

I thought this might be because of the coating.

Is it?
Its likely. But it could also be that the strings are sitting slightly off in the saddle or the nut, or that they just need a bit of a stretch. Give them a day or two to settle and you'll know for sure.

...unless someone else here has had the same experience with those strings.
im just wondering if other people have these experiences with coated strings in common, or better, with these DR color coateds.

The strings have been on for about a week, and I play pretty much every day. Probably not about them not being set yet.

EDIT: and yeah, I definately stretched them when I put them on.
yup, had the same problem with the black beuties. 3rd fret pinches became unreasonably tough and sustain lost....but on the other hand, the strings felt really great for bends and lasted a while
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I don't have any issues with Black Beauties. I use 9 and 10 gauge.
Ill make a poll for this I wanna know do people like coateds. A question to anyone who knows.

As Ill make a poll for this, do I have to close this thread as its kind of about the same subject?