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That was awesome although I don't listen to Gary Moore, i have heard a song or two by him, that sounded great! Keep up the good work ^^
Man that was killer! The tone is amazing too! Flawless I'd say. Liked and Favorited.

RIP Gary.
wow that tone is amazing! i was blown away on how perfect that sounded! that could easily be one of the best covers of that i have seen. keep it up man!
Oh hey, I didn't see you there
I'm not much of a Gary Moore fan, but this was really good. Nice SG! Great tone too!
First of all, I don't actually know the song, just to say.

Nice tone on your guitar, and good control on your bends :-)
Can't really find anything to criticise, you keep it accurate, even during the fast runs.

Keep it up :-)

Maybe check out an original song I recorded?

Thanks :-)
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I don't have anything bad to say! That was beautiful, really liked the tone.

The bending was pretty difficult to master (hit the right notes). So thanks for noticing loltroll !!!

That's very cool indeed. The tone is tasty, put me in mind of Bed of Roses by Bon Jovi, The bending is pretty much spot on.
Never really knew that song of bon jovi, but after your comment, i looked it up. The tone is somewhat similair to bed of roses !! But i was going for the Gary tone.....

Very good playing. You got the feel down. That suspense in the playing. Being slightly behind, but not so behind that you're 'off-time'.
Seriously incredible bends, great tone, and you didn't over-do the reverb or delay (whichever it was I'm not great at telling the difference.) I know it's already been said but it's true enough to tell you just one more time.
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Kurt Cobain, the best guitarist to ever live.

That tone is incredible! Great sound quality and verrrrry clean playing. Replay button with be slightly abused.

I really enjoyed it, subscribed.
Quote by eXperiment63
Very good playing. You got the feel down. That suspense in the playing. Being slightly behind, but not so behind that you're 'off-time'.

I am not sure what you mean by being behind the 'suspense'.

I agree that there is one instance that i linger too long on one note (0.21 but thats like one ms or something :-P) but other than that i really don,t know what you mean..

thanks for the crit bro !


Thanks for the feedback on my cover! I really like your tone. I couldn't hear any mistakes in your playing, but there was a lot of hiss in the backing track. Good job man!
Awesome playing. Perfect tone. You totally nailed it man.
RIP Gary Moore....
Thanks to everyone, for the nice comments and time willing to spend to rate and subscribe !!!

As for the hissing in the backing track... I don,t know if that can be fixed. I use an mp3 for the backing track and my solo is a different track in wave, so mabye thats the prob.

Regardless to say: i hope the hissing isn,t too distracting ;-p if you keep the volume low.

Cheers everybody
Excellent playing and a perfect tone! Great job man!

(Groetjes! )
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wow dude, excellent job!
great tone, and very nice playing! bends were also good.
overall, a really solid performance! well done!
I was actually gunna post here before but I had to go to work, thanks for your critique on my song!
Heres your critique as promised!

Okay i'll start this of by saying I grew up playing the blues and listening to the blues, I love this dude! It sounds like pure perfection, the tone is awesome. Not much you can improve on, I guess the only thing I could say, because everything else is great, is put more emotion into it. But seriously bravo, you did a great job.

I did my best, to put emotion in it. You can't always see it, but i hope you can hear it !!

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